Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Sam and I am a digital marketer at Zardness. In this video, we’ll discuss why it’s important to have an online presence, how you can grow your business and how to get started.

Let’s say you have no online presence, your business has strictly grown through referrals or maybe you just are starting up your business. How will your online presence help your business succeed?

Having a digital presence means you’ll be visible when people go online and search for a business like yours. The user hungry to find what they search for and is highly willing to buy immediately or to contact you.

It’s not enough to keep it as simple as just creating a website and leave it like that. You’ll need to put some work into it. There are many ways to make people find your website.

You can work on the SEO so you rank high enough for people to find it when they search for a certain keyword related to your business. You can also pay for online advertising to make your website link show when people search for certain keywords or you can use social media to network and link your website too.

When a customer clicks on a link to your website you have endless possibilities to make them choose your business products or services. This is your chance to show off and hopefully, win another customer.

The website could have testimonials from happy customers, there might be a video you posted about your business or something educational related to your business. There might be a pricing guide, your location address, or frequently asked questions.

You want to educate and inform the customer as much as possible on the website.

Your online presence is not only necessary for your customers but also valuable for you. You can learn what your prospective customers want and how to give it to them. You can do this by using analytics tools to find out what your customer is searching for, what pages they stay longest on and when they took certain actions, like purchasing, filling out a form or watching a video. It’s amazing how much information you can find with an analytic tool and how important it is to grow your business.

So how do you get started? The biggest challenge for many businesses isn’t to set up a website or use an online tool. It’s actually to create a plan and KNOW how to use the tools properly.

First, think about where you want to start. Is it the SEO, the online advertising or social media?

Next is technology. Decide is you’ll handle the technical and creative aspects yourself (which may take more time) or if you’re getting help ( which may cost more).

Finally, you need to consider cost and time. Set a realistic budget and an achievable schedule.

Remember, don’t expect too much too soon. It can take a bit of time to set up your online presence and get noticed.