Boosting Organic Traffic by 93%

SEO Case Study



  • Improve Organic Search Visibility and Rankings

Our primary objective was to significantly enhance the organic search visibility and rankings for relevant keywords in the target industry.

  • Achieve Top Rankings for “Dynamics 365”

A specific goal was set to secure top rankings for the highly competitive keyword “Dynamics 365” in SERPs.

  • Drive Substantial Growth in Organic Traffic

We aimed to drive a substantial increase in organic traffic to the website, with a targeted annual growth rate of 15%. This goal ensured a broader reach within the target audience and sustainable long-term growth.

  • Outperform Competitor on Search Engines

We aimed to surpass the rankings of their main competitor in search engine rankings, solidifying Calsoft’s authority in the market.


Calsoft Systems is a leading technology solutions partner in the IT industry. Despite having 25+ years of experience in the industry and over 2000 successful projects, they were struggling to rank well on search engines and capture organic traffic. In this case study, we will outline the steps taken to improve their organic search visibility and the remarkable results achieved over a 24-month period.



1. Comprehensive SEO Audit

We conducted a thorough SEO audit to identify technical issues, on-page SEO problems, and opportunities for improvement. This audit formed the foundation of our strategy.

2. Keyword Research

We performed extensive keyword research to identify high-potential keywords and long-tail phrases relevant to their products and industry.

3. On-Page Optimization

We optimized existing product pages and created new, SEO-friendly landing pages for specific product categories. This included optimizing meta tags, headers, and content for target keywords.

4. Technical SEO Improvements

We resolved technical issues such as duplicate content, broken links, and improved website speed to enhance the overall user experience and search engine crawlability.


5. Content Strategy

We developed a content calendar and started publishing high-quality, informative blog posts addressing user questions and pain points.

6. Internal Link Building

The goal of our internal link building strategy was to distribute link value throughout the site to help Google navigate the website easier to discover pages.

7. External Link Building

We implemented a strategic link-building campaign to acquire high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in the ERP industry.



  • The SEO strategy was implemented over a 24-month period, with regular monitoring and adjustments as needed.
  • We consistently created 3 high-quality blogs each month, resulting in a total of 63 new blog posts.
  • The project was executed solely by one person.
  • Monthly progress reports were generated to track keyword rankings, organic traffic, and other relevant metrics.



After 24 months of implementation, Calsoft Systems achieved the following results:


  • Organic traffic increased by 93% (from 14,339 visitors to 27,572 visitors annually)
  • Keyword rankings improved significantly, with many high-traffic keywords reaching the first page of search engine results.
  • The highly competitive keyword “Dynamics 365” achieved first-page ranking, garnering an impressive 78 monthly clicks.
  • The top-performing page, a blog post that ranks for an entire 33 keywords, attracts a substantial monthly audience of 606 visitors.
  • Ranking for 198 keywords variations of the “Dynamics 365”
  • A total of 122 keywords on position 1 on SERPs
  • We successfully outperformed the main competitor by enhancing our online visibility, achieving a 64% increase compared to the competitor.


Calsoft’s investment in SEO optimization paid off significantly. By addressing technical issues, optimizing content, and implementing a robust link-building strategy, they achieved a 93% increase in organic traffic resulting in an increase in leads from the website. This case study demonstrates the long-term benefits of effective SEO strategies for businesses seeking to improve their online visibility and organic traffic.

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