Your site is finally launched and you keep checking the website statistics only to find.. that there are no visitors! It’s time to create and execute marketing strategies to start generating traffic. Your website is only the foundation of your marketing tool. The real job is to attract and convert your audience.

Measure effectiveness

You should start measuring your traffic immediately! When choosing which marketing method is best for you business, it’s important to start with the questions: Who are your current site visitors? Where are they coming from? Where does my audience hang out? Understanding the performance of your site allows you to recognize traffic gains and actions taken on your site. Implement the tracking code for Google Analytics or another tracking platform.

Keyword research for SEO

Search engine optimization is a great way to get traffic to your site. What words and phrases do you want to rank for? Your goal is to find one primary keyword and a few secondary keywords that people type into search engines when they want to find products or services like yours.

If you don’t sell anything but only have a blog, find keywords that people would type in when their intention is to find content like yours. Use online tools like Google Keyword Planner to do your keyword research.

Build Your Content

Create informative pages related to your site. Large websites can have as many as 10,000-50,000 pages. However, don’t confuse volume with relevance. Just because you have a lot of content doesn’t mean you will rank for search if the content isn’t unique and optimized.

Start a blog and create content constantly. You want to create valuable high-quality content to keep the interest of the reader. Include your keywords, images and links to other websites. This increases your chances of ranking higher on search engines. Data shows that pages with 2,000+ words of content rank higher in Google. As time-consuming as it might be to write a long post, doing so can reap big returns in the long-term.

Build an email list

Growing an email list is important when you have a new website. With a signup popup, you can build your list automatically. Send your subscribers regular emails with valuable content and stay away from spamming.


I want to say “Congrats, you’re done!”, but that would be lying. Once you’ve tackled these challenges, you’ll need to move on to the more complicated digital marketing parts. A website need personalization, accessibility and constant optimization. One of the key things to keep in mind is that data beats out assumptions every time. By using Google Analytics, you can find out where your audience is coming from and choose the marketing platforms you’ll need to focus on.