You have created ads and now just waiting for visitors to click your website. Except as time goes by, nothing happens. You start investigating your Google Adwords account and everything seems fine except it shows a very low number of impressions. So, what do impressions mean? An impression is each time your ad is shown. This helps you know how many times your ad has been seen and will measure the click-through-rate (CTR) for your ads.

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Why are my impressions so low in Google AdWords?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be getting any impressions on your ads in Google Adwords. Here are some likely reasons your ads haven’t started showing:


Your keywords are not searched very often

Are you targeting very specific, niche or long-tail keywords? This could be one of the reasons you have low impressions on your google ads. It could be as simple as not many people are searching for those keywords. Add some broader keywords (but still related!) to see if it increases the impressions.


You have a low keyword quality score

A low-quality score indicates a low expected click through rate, poor ad quality, and poor landing page quality. The relevance between the ad, keyword and landing page must be very similar to receive a high-quality score. Analyze these elements and make some improvements that could increase the relevance and the quality score. If your quality score is a 6 or lower, Google is unlikely to run your ads.


Your bid is too low

You must set your maximum cost per click (max CPC) bid high enough to beat your competition for ad placements. If the bid is below the minimum amount to achieve a first page placement it might not show as often your competitors. Raise your bid to the estimated first page bid for that keyword.


Limited by budget

The ad may not be eligible to show depending on the cost per click of your keywords compared to the budget for the campaign. If the cost per click exceeds the campaign budget, the ad will not be able to show. Increase the budget per day if Adwords recommends it.


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What is Impression Share?

Impressions share (IS) is the number of impressions you’ve received divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive. Impression share is a barometer of how well your campaigns are performing on your keywords versus your competitors.

Lost Impression Share is the estimated percentage of impressions that your ads didn’t receive because the ad rank was too low. You want the lowest lost impression share possible so your competitors don’t beat you in the ad auction. This takes us back to the low-quality score. You will need to increase your quality score to beat your competition.


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